Friends were tasked with creating a campaign for Freestar Drinks rebrand focusing on organically incorporating them into London culture
from art direction, production, content strategy and beyond, amassing over 9,000 followers in under a year, and hundreds of thousands of views across various content pillars.

 We developed the idea ‘TOAST’ a high quality live music content platform to support upcoming talents while also helping Freestar to incorprate themselves within London’s cultural scene. We produced live session tapes from London’s fastest upcoming talent including Leo Bhanji, Nayana Iz and Len. 

TOAST is an expressive, artist led live sessions platform showcasing the best in emerging underground talent from the UK. In a world where artists and musicare consistently boxed in, Toast sits in a realm of its own. Its select curation andbespoke presentation grant artists astage built around their unique personality; a visually beautiful, yet comfortable space where creative freedom is encouraged.

Watch the Sessions Here:
 Leo Bhanji   Nayana Iz   Len